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My Story

I have photographed corporate, streets, and landscapes throughout italy as well as europe, north america, and asia.

This way the perception of the spaciousness of nature is veiled by a captivating sense of harmony, in which the observer participates, facilitated by the inclusion of a hint in the image that creates perspective complicity, almost a sign of anticipatory volition, the indication of an invisible path of penetration into mysterious horizons, immersed in magical immobility.

The language is not metaphysical but is assuredly the fascination of a nature that speaks to man’s capacity to recreate, through a gaze, the secret of art sown in things.

The ubiquity of art is also detected in the sequence of geometric figures and architectural parallelisms tendered by the author, intermingled with images of bizarre mankind caught in a timeless moment by a click of the camera.

The originality of being human imposes its spatiality that rekindles the insistent obsession with linear processes, through its freshness, enclosed in their ideal definition.

Ezio Bocci lives and works in Frascati (Rome) Italy.


Via delle Fratte, 51
00044 Frascati (Rome) Italy

+39 06 94 22 062