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Start in 1980 by graphic designer and professional photographer, Ezio Bocci.

Graphic designer and photographer (graduate in advertising photography from the European Institute of Design in 1983), owner of the communication agency il NETWORK, which deals in images and advertising of products and services for companies and institutions in Italy and abroad.

The agency also carries out research with special emphasis on creative photography as well as landscape and urban reportage, applied in publishing, exhibitory, and design activities.

Photographs by Ezio Bocci follow two paths: the first centers on a natural environment, free of man’s presence; the second is oriented towards an urban context, in which the complexity of social living, assuaged by curiosity, oddities, and extraordinary moments in everyday life, surfaces. Here we discover natural landscapes composed of water, earth, and sky; we find metropolitan images of throbbing humanity among the geometric patterns of the buildings.

In Bocci’s gaze, just as in that of the observer, the “Bello di Natura” (Beauty of Nature) merges like a language filtered by strict compositional order, created not only by the balance of lines, but particularly by the contrast, or even different tonality, between black and white.